Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The fine modern art of the Booklet... Also, why I think Little Richard is awesome.

So I've been making booklets for the last three nights, here's how we do it where I work at.
Step one, take your magic digital files, .pdf'
s mainly, and put them together in Adobe InDesign or what have you and send them to a fancy digital press (a.k.a. Expensive full color copy machine) with a folder/ saddle stitcher (Those big staples in your US Weekly magazine) attachment. Like this one below.

Step one: Retrieve booklet from kludged cardboard box booklet collector.

Step two: Go to the ancient beautifully old manual swing cutter as pictured below.

Step three: Grab the uncut booklet.

Step four: Make your cuts, as you can see in the picture above we've got three cuts to make to trim it down to correct size and nothing but image on the front.

Boom! Finished booklet and some great motion to help strengthen your back or give you a static injury.

Now onto why Little Richard is awesome -

Little Richard is awesome, some say the Architect of Rock and Roll, and I'm inclined to agree.
This is why he's awesome...

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  1. Check out his version of "Get Rhythm" on the Kindred Spirits CD. It'll scorch the hair offa your head.