Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Of Portly Men with Mid-Sized Dreams - Travel Log 1

Well folks,

I'm travelling across the South and Southwest this summer, I will be writing a lot more about the adventures of these coming months as they happen.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2:30 a.m. and More Booklets.

Whilst I sit here at my laptop in the shop, I have a million wonderful things in my brain that would be great to blog about, but now they are gone. Instead I watch stand-up comedians on my Netflix instant cue and watch drunks amble down the street discussing their latest crazy party night. Not too bad really. Now here's a picture of a Darth Vader disco ball.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The fine modern art of the Booklet... Also, why I think Little Richard is awesome.

So I've been making booklets for the last three nights, here's how we do it where I work at.
Step one, take your magic digital files, .pdf'
s mainly, and put them together in Adobe InDesign or what have you and send them to a fancy digital press (a.k.a. Expensive full color copy machine) with a folder/ saddle stitcher (Those big staples in your US Weekly magazine) attachment. Like this one below.

Step one: Retrieve booklet from kludged cardboard box booklet collector.

Step two: Go to the ancient beautifully old manual swing cutter as pictured below.

Step three: Grab the uncut booklet.

Step four: Make your cuts, as you can see in the picture above we've got three cuts to make to trim it down to correct size and nothing but image on the front.

Boom! Finished booklet and some great motion to help strengthen your back or give you a static injury.

Now onto why Little Richard is awesome -

Little Richard is awesome, some say the Architect of Rock and Roll, and I'm inclined to agree.
This is why he's awesome...

Monday, April 5, 2010

At the copier, making booklets...

That's right folks, I will be blogging my random thoughts throughout this week. I'm making booklets, or I should say the "Digital Press" that we have at my work is making them while I make sure it keeps running. I should be done tonight around 2:30 a.m. Sometimes when I'm bored things like this happen...

I only hope...

I don't have to work until later this afternoon, so I thought, "Why not start a blog?"

So I guess this is it, another thing in life to get around to doing later. Here's what I hope to do with this thing the kids call, "A blog."

1. Improve my writing skills. - I graduated from Hannibal-LaGrange College in 2004 with a lot of english under my belt, and in the years after have lost my penchant for proper grammar and the like. Thank you internet spell check.

2. To get random interviews with various folks on audio... or in the written word.

3. To amuse myself more than I already do.

I'm a man of large and varied tastes, so there will be a lot of randomness posted about my fleeting interests and my ability to procrastinate learning anything too meaningful out of them. So, be expecting music, film, cooking, video games, car repair, DIY cd making, Printmaking, computers, etc...

I hope whomever stumbles upon this will find something worthwhile to read or start looking into, then hopefully study it further and get back to me on the subject.